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  • Ioseph Bluenkopf has completed the Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 of his hopeful novels

These aren't your average MarinesEdit

7, the number of luck. No doubt that's what they are. Sgt.Maj. John Thompson and his men are the most well-trained Marines in the Corps and aren't about to let anyone tell them otherwise. Weather its Sgt. Maj. Thompson's strategic skill, Gunnery Sergeant Dalton's brute strength, or the rest of the team's power, they are the best of the best. the "Pride" series by Ioseph Bluenkopf follows the adventures of the 7th Marine Corps Force Recon through the mountains, jungles, and slums of Peru, the cold harsh mountains of Russia, and then, ironically, their revolt against their socialist-turned mother country.

For more information on the series, see

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